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Business cards as advertising counterbalance for a website
2013-11-09 15:35:26

Present-day adverts

In the age of Internet most of companies don’t realize a power of traditional adverts what is a big mistake. Websites creating, even the most original, is only one of the many parts of promotion. You need to remember that traditional advert is still influencing on people, sometimes is the only type of advert, especially for older people. When classic teenager or young businessman will search through the internet and will be tempted by graphics on it, older customer definitely uses leaflet, billboard or family and friends feedback. There is a target that business card is most significant.

Business card or leaflet

Business card in difference from leaflet will not just go to trash, but mostly stay in wallet. Main attribute of business card is his size, but also really important are design qualities. This is what makes it different from leaflet. Average leaflet is simple, too simple. For Your company You need something more than this, something that can make up Your company from the millions. That aspects are: color, shape and material.

Business cards types

XXI century business cards should have punching shape, i.e. edge cuts, inside card cuts, or unique shapes like leaf-shaped card, ball-shaped card, human form shape, etc. Very original solution is pressing parts of business card (like convex ones), or prints with selective varnish – it makes a card alive, more than a thing. Gilding make business cards more exclusive. Additionally, modern business cards should be double-sided, where company logotype shows in the front, and contact details in the other side like phone numbers or email addresses. Modern business cards are made from better materials, more resistant to physical damage than standard business card, and mostly are laminated. Technology of today also offers business cards from PVC, metal, and even wood! As normal business card is limited form of physical advertising as modern business card is limited only by imagination and costs of its creation.